Sopro Bauchemie GmbH


Fliesentechnik, Baustoffe und GaLaBau - Sopro Bauchemie GmbH bietet ein komplettes Sortiment im Bereich Fliesen- und Baustofftechnik.

Working behind the scenes for best-in-class performance

That most of our products are hidden away by the time a building has been completed is hardly a matter of consequence: what counts is straightforward application, durability and long-term strength, and that is precisely what Sopro products have to offer. It is the quality of our products, cherished by clients and applicators alike and underpinned by expert project counselling and applications support, that lays the foundation for our outstanding results – regardless of what presents itself to the onlooker when the works are finished. A host of examples testify to the exceptional solutions that quietly do their job behind the scenes.