Sopro Bauchemie GmbH

Surface gradient fillers and rapid-set mortars

Fliesentechnik, Baustoffe und GaLaBau - Sopro Bauchemie GmbH bietet ein komplettes Sortiment im Bereich Fliesen- und Baustofftechnik.
Sopro AMT 468

Sopro AMT 468

Levelling mortar with trass

Universal, light-grey, sag-resistant, rapid-set, cementítious surface filler applied to walls and floors for patching and smoothing concrete, plasterwork, masonry and screed surfaces.

Sopro Racofix<sup>&reg;</sup> 8700

Sopro Racofix® 8700

Rapid-set anchoring mortar

Rapid-set, cementitious anchoring mortar. For fast installation of sanitary appliances, hooks, anchors etc. For rapid laying of kerbs.

Sopro Racofix<sup>&reg;</sup> WSM

Sopro Racofix® WSM

Water-stop mortar

Cementitious, polymer-modified water-stop mortar used to plug water leaks, e. g. in basements and shafts, and burst pipes. Especially useful against water pressure.

Sopro RAM 3<sup>&reg;</sup>

Sopro RAM 3®

renovation and levelling mortar

Universal, grey, sag-resistant, rapid-set, cementitious render and surface filler for smoothing, patching and rendering of wall and floor surfaces. For application to mineral substrates, e. g. concrete, aerated concrete and masonry.